Najaar 2019 worden 3 lezingen in het Engels verwacht.

Datum en locatie worden over enige tijd bekend gemaakt.






Earth is one example of the trillions of planets orbiting in the habitable zone of their star. Earth has gone through a process of planetary evolution from barren rock to technological civilization. What is the potential role of intelligent life in this planetary process?

Charles Langmuir is the Higgins Professor of Geochemistry at Harvard University, and a fellow of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.




An illustrated talk by Sarah Drummond

Does an artist convey the divine in the human, evoke the invisible in the visible, allow us a glimpse into another dimension? Sarah Drummond, a writer and journalist with a special interest in the history of art and in education, explores some images of the Annunciation, one of the most frequently depicted scenes in Christian art.


 Maria met kind

Born of the Virgin Mary, A study in Esoteric Christianity

The lecture considers Mary's cosmic status and identifies stages in her journey from human existence to her higher life in Eternity. The tradition of the Virgin Queen of Heaven long predates Christianity and manifests in various goddesses whose feminine qualities become attributes of Mary. The Byzantine epithet Theotokos, 'Bearer of God', implies celestial events on a scale we cannot fathom. All this can be inferred from a reading of the symbolism in icons and reference to apocryphal writings. Orthodox sacred imagery illustrates Mary's rôle in sacred tradition, her practice of contemplative prayer and her ascent to the highest levels of realisation and enlightenment.

 Richard Temple

Dr. Sir Richard Temple Bt., PhD founded the Temple Gallery in 1959 as a centre for collectors and for the study, restoration and exhibition of ancient icons and sacred art.

He is a member of the Advisory Panel of the National Art Collections Fund of Great Britain and has been active in the acquisition of icons by several major museums, among them the British Museum, the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the Timken Art Gallery in San Diego, California, the Gallerie di Palazzo Leoni Montanari in Vicenza, Italy, the Museum of the Church of Christ the Redeemer in Moscow and the Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton, MA. He has played a major role in the formation of several highly important private collections such as that of Mr. Eric Bradley, which passed into the Museum of the Menil Collection in Houston, Texas. The collection of Charles Pankow in San Francisco which is now in the Patriarchal Collection Museum of the Church of Christ the Redeemer in Moscow and the collection of the late Mrs. John D. Rockefeller III.

Over the years he has published many catalogues and scholarly articles. In 1990 his book Icons and the Mystical Origins of Christianity was published by Element Books. It was reprinted in 1992. A new edition, published in 2001 by Luzac Oriental, is now out of print (but available at A fourth edition will be published soon. A Greek edition is available and a French edition is in preparation. In March 2004, his latest book, ICONS Divine Beauty, published by Saqi Books, is out of print. 

Richard was educated at Stowe and at the Sorbonne and served during National Service in the Royal Horse Guards. He was recently awarded a PhD at the Princes School of Tradition Arts, University of Wales, for his thesis The Esoteric Tradition and Peter Bruegel the Elder. He inherited his family baronetcy in 2007.

Interested in ancient sacred traditions, he has studied Neoplatonism, Christian Hesychasm and the emergence of Christianity from Hellenistic culture. When You Hear a Dog Bark, his account of Vipassana meditation retreats in South Asia is privately available. He is also interested in the sacred music of the Mevlevi Dervishes and the choral traditions of both the Russian and Greek Orthodox churches.